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As an engineer, how about engineering yourself a bridge to chuck yourself off?

Look mate, I don’t come around your “designs” slagging them off. I also don’t go around pointing out how ridiculously arrogant you (and they) are because I’m not that kinda guy. Now if you don’t like something on here, fine, don’t use it, but there’s no reason to open up a personal vendetta just because you’ve got sand in your vagina about z-axes. There are plenty of designs on here similar to mine and you don’t seem to have started mouthing off about them.

Perhaps, though this may be hard for a mere engineer to understand, people buy things like 3D printers because they want to learn. Perhaps people participate in online forums because they want to share their learning with others. Or, perhaps people just do these things so they can be dicks. You tell me.

Comment on people’s stuff if you’re going to be helpful. Otherwise maybe you should start work on that bridge.