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There are several versions of the machine known as the "Anycubic i3 Mega", this thread will hopefully help you to identify which yours is, and establish the useful nicknames and shorthand for specifying each one, so that others know exactly what we are talking about when we say "my mega".
This is a placeholder.

  • 00 version
    • AFAIK this is what is often referred to as the Anycubic "Omega" i3 (note the 'O') - Current Official product name: "ANYCUBIC Modular i3"
    • Not really a 'Mega'. Not actually referred to by anycubic as 'version 00' (although it seems logical they might). Adding it here because it is the precursor to the 'i3 Mega', and sometimes generates confusion because of it's very similar name, and is also an i3 type.
    • perspex frame
    • Opensource firmware
    • LCD2004 display (iirc)
    • http://www.anycubic3d.com/products/show/1044.html

The following is sourced from Alice Yu on facebook and edited for logic:

  • 01 version
    • Black in appearance
    • Out of production, no longer sold.
    • Have inductive probe leveling-assist device.
    • Driver: A4988
    • Trigorilla (8bit, Mega 2560 chipset)
      Main Control Chip: ATMEGA256016AU
      Input Power: 10V ~ 30V
      Standby Current: 35mA±5mA
      Stepper Motor Drivers: 5 channel Max
      Hot bed Output Control: 1 channel
      Heated output control: 2 channel
      Under-current output control: 3 channel
      Dimensions: 125mm x 82mm

  • 02 version
    • As above
    • Blue in appearance.

  • 03 version.
    • Trigorilla 8bit
    • Ultrabase
    • No inductive leveling-assist sensor
    • 1.1 firmware
    • Will use open source firmware in the near future. (most likely the community written effort, nothing to do with anycubic releasing the code)
    • http://www.anycubic3d.com/products/show/1048.html

  • 04 version.
    • TriGorilla mainboard 32bit
    • Ultrabase??
    • Z Sensor??
    • 1.4 firmware
    • Product URL??

What Alice Yu originally wrote, verbatim:
Currently we are selling 03 and 04 version. They have different USB driver, firmware and mainboard. 03 version is with 1.1 firmware, 04 version with 1.4 firmware and TriGorilla mainboard. Besides, 03 version will use open source firmware in the near future. As for 01 and 02 version, we do not produce and sell them now, and both of them have auto-leveling device but 02 version is blue appearance.