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IMO everyone should remove the bottom panel when they first receive the machine. Partly to finger-check that all of the connections are seated, and partly to photograph the components and cable layouts. It always comes in handy eventually.

  • afaik you can check the control panel 'info' section for the firmware version, which may imply particular hardware
  • or there is a serial number of some kind that anycubic reference people quote when submitting support tickets, which is apparently some kind of designation marking, most likely a sticker...that will infer a particualr series of machine, but I suspect the only people who can translate that number to anyhting meaningful is anycubic themselves.
  • But the only way to know for sure about anything is to open the case and look. Take photos, and notes, because although removing the bottom is not very difficult, you will probably be reluctant to do it more than absolutely necessary.