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I don't mind that. My last print was a Cylon Raider from Battlestar Galactica. With 80 percent print speed and enlarged to barely fit my print bed, it took the better part of 53 hours. I made a photo just to believe that myself. ;-)

Anyway, I just checked, and the torso alone, in a layer height of 0.175mm and a scale of 150 percent, has an estimated print time of 1 day and 13 hours with adaptive layer height (Cura 3.2 beta). With a fixed layer height of 0.175mm it's still 18 hours. But I think that's worth it: The larger Atlas would be around 21 cm.

Also, with the supports you already integrated, the parts look great in Cura. I will post a picture of the finished Mech when I'm done!