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Thanks for the extra details. My immediate applications are mostly interactive roaming robots to perform within crowds, such as museums and stores. Low speed and gentle navigation would be the typical operation, lending to less stress on the belts, but if this could still result in changing belts every 10 or 20 hours, that would be a drag.

With the limited testing, did you find a lot of ratcheting (slipping teeth)?

If so, what weight of robot were you moving?

I am trying to determine if using four swerve drives of similar design on fairly light robots (maybe up to 60 lbs with lower anticipated operating speeds to achieve maximum around 6 mph) would be within a safe margin. I need to make sure I am not backwards on my calculations, but from some of the documentation on the GT3 belts and pulleys, I think this is possibly within the far reach of achievable.

Thanks again.