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I´m printing lots of PETG last year, but there are huge differences pending on the supplier.
So best way is always printing a temperature tower in spiralize or vase mode, starting with 250° and go down to 200°
Looking for colour and layer strength. My favorite material is from esun or 3dpsp , nunus is also ok, but not best,...Steel nozzle is not necessary for this kind of material, but I always have a suitable minidrill (e.g. 0.4mm) to ensure the correct width of the nozzles (most chinese nozzles have bad finnish...)
My printing speed is never below 60mm/s , printing slower I also have problems, so hopefully you find the correct setting for your printer.

PS: what I´ve seen on my linear Plus is some short printstops while calculating code !? and there I also get blobs, I think this pends on the slicing software and the 8-bit cpu. as soon I have some time, I will give Klipper a try