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So I'm thinking of remixing this to use a nodemcu with a motorshield (https://pt.aliexpress.com/item/NodeMCU-Development-Kit-NodeMCU-Motor-Shield-esp-wifi-esp8266-esp-12e-esp-12e-kit-diy-rc/32445659965.html).

I'm really a bit of a newb on robotics and electronics so please apoligise me if I'm saying something dumb...

Other than the node, the shield, a 5V power source(to power the nodemcu instead of the 9V battery. NOTE: just saw that a 9V works if plugged to the VIN pin) what would I need to remix the smars?
Note that by using nodemcu the control would be by wifi instead of bluetooth, so I'm aware that I would have to change the arduino code.

Thanks for the help!