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The fan shroud is much larger on the Aero and hits the support structure that rises above the bed on the mount. I ended up editing the mesh to just remove the support all together.

As for the toolhead itself, the jury is still out. I've had some problems with it and I don't like the profiles that Lulzbot ships with cura. However, the problems I've had are mostly of my own creation. The one common problem I share with the wider community is with the part cooling fan. They are so strong that they cause the hotend to lose temp faster than the PID settings can recover. This trips a failsafe in Marlin that senses a "thermal runaway" and it kills the printer. Lulzbot's response is to turn the fans down, but I don't think that's a satisfactory solution to something they had to be aware of when designing the toolhead and the profiles.