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Interesting... what camera are you using? I found with my Logitech that it was too heavy without the lattice, and the result was very jumpy on the timelapse. The lattice helped a lot, but it isn't perfect. Hope it works for you. Maybe I can remodel it so the lattice is below instead of on top - that might make it work for the new extruder?

I'm pretty sure S3D does support volumetric extrusion ... but not using the firmware (so you have to re-slice when you chance the filament diameter). But I depend on that to tune my machien for the different filaments.

I'm not familiar with hardware retraction (and a very brief google didn't help). But I find the retraction settings pretty effective, but if there is something better I'm all ears! I wouldn't say I had enough time on Cura to gain confidence in the difference, but I find my prints are S3D are quite good, and better than stock settings I was getting in Cura. I also love their ability to change the supports - both in terms of density but also closeness to the part. So now my supports come off fast - but that's why I'm waiting for the dual extruder V3 because S3D can change from one filament for the supports to another filament (second extruder) at different density just a few layers prior to the object. This lets you have very dense supports using wash-away filament, in theory making the print much smoother. Can't wait to find out!

I also find it works fantastic with Octoprint (on my Pi). I use a script on the profile when saving the file that triggers CURL to post the gcode to Octoprint, and then I just click print and off it goes.

Maybe some of this is in S3D v4 ... it was a pretty significant updating from v3, I just forgot now what all changed.

Anyway - thanks for the feedback. Check back in a bit ... I'll update this model once I check it against the MOAR and the dual v3, as well as see if I can drop the lattice to the bottom so it works with all of them.