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Wow! That's so generous of you!

This enclosure is really super stable! It has that good industrial feel, where everything is rigid, quiet and professional.

Q1: I've placed electronics (you can see which power supply and voltage regulators I used in the BOM and electrical scheme) in the back bottom of printer enclosure. You will find it in the build photo gallery.

Q2: Learned from aerodynamics - you need at least 2x larger input area than exhaust area. That is provided with 5 holes with "vent covers" on the bottom. They are placed in the edges + 1 in the middle. The one in the middle is usually closed, to prevent airflow around the bed.

  • It's very hard to see the real airflow around the fan, because it has some serious "blow-back" with HEPA on output, which requires quite a lot of pressure. But there is surely some airflow, as it keeps the enclosure temperature down, depending on vent power setting.