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I'm not threatened at all, in fact I'd like to see this work. However there are three important parts of a prothesis. The first part is the components themselves, which is what this is. The second part is aligning the foot to the residual limb, if this isn't done properly a $100,000 is worthless because an amputee cannot walk with it, similar to a good and bad alignment on car tires. Third is the fit of the socket on the amputee's limb, again if this hurts, the prosthesis is useless because of the pain ensued from a poor fitting will render it unable to wear and possibly worse cause ulcerations on the amputee's limb. Now if all of these items are successful then the prosthesis should be wearable. If this could be done with these parts then that's great. If these parts fail though when someone is walking on it and you printed these for that person and they hurt themselves, then how much money do you have for a lawsuit. This isn't from me, but the lawyers in the US and if you are outside the US, then you are much luckier. I often give legs away when insurance can't pay so while money is important it isn't what drives me. I do use 3-D scanning, 3-D printing, laser cutting and engraving, specialized fitting systems, silicone, elastomeric gel, computerization in feet, knees, elbows and hands. We are up to date on making sure HIPPA guidelines are followed and that we are a certified prosthetic and orthotic facility. So good luck with printing this for all the amputees Runningfox!