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The STL files are all there as are the SCAD (Design) files. Three or four sets of the SCREENHOLDER parts depending on whether you make the whiteboard. As a test, I bought a cheap (<$2) paper sized whiteboard from Walmart. The metal was about the thickness of a soda can, but after tearing it apart, I laminated it to a piece of fiberboard and it seems to work well. The metal sheet was smaller than a sheet of paper, but larger than the exposed area in the screen.

You need one each of the Tower, Tower base, and BaseDrawer, and two dice trays, and two adapter pieces to attach the walls to the tower and base.

Optional parts include the Extra pen holders (2) which go between the screen holders. The are three models with one, two, or three pen holders. I think the two is best but that depends on you. These pieces act as links to hold the frames together. If you do not use them, there are separate links in the "small parts collection". An additional optional part is a pen holder that attaches at the outside edge. The STL prints a mirrored set. The "hoarding" and roof are also optional and generally for display and extra storage. The roof could be used as a dice cup for the players. I include a PDF which is simply the design I printed for the outside. I printed on grey cardstock to simulate the grey stone.

An additional optional piece (2) is the tower door which can block the opening when the tray is raised so that the tower can store loose dice.
The DM screen itself is not my design, I gave a link to the one I used. On my latest copy, I trimmed the printed pages half way to the edge of the printing then laminated inside and outside together and trimmed to paper size. That left the sides attached to each other and made assembly a bit easier.

You will need 4 M3 square nuts and screws for each frame. 16-20mm lengths work.