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I doubt I will get around too super sizing this project to fit the CR10. It is possibly beyond my skill set at the moment. But it is an interesting idea.

The CR10 is a very interesting printer. The print quality is downright decent. However, there is simply no comparison in features between that and the Prusa: particulary the Mk3. Also, the CR10 comes with a special version of Cura for slicing. I have tried Cura in the past and it didn't really resonate with me. The version that comes with the CR10 is especially limited.

I have only had the CR10 for about a month. So, I am still looking at ways to make it better. I hope to find a profile for a better slicer in the near future.

The bottom line is the CR10 is great. You get a large print volume for a good price. But the niceties you get with a Prusa are not there.

Thanks again,