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I printed this, as it seemed the simplest of some similar options, and I liked that the base was flat, so you can just sit it down and let it stand up when done. Originally I thought that angled handle would be uncomfortable compared to a rounded one, but I think it gives you a little better grip & control now.

My only suggestion to others printing this, is to print the platform pieces at 102% size. I'm doing a few of these, and the first one took a lot of cleaning/rounding/knife work to get everything to fit and move smoothly. Printing the platform at 102% solved this. Only thing I have to do is remove any elephant foot on the handle. And then usually have to trim the 'hooks' a bit, it would be nice if they had chamfers on their edges, so that they went into the hole more easily. :) But I'm just making like 3 of these or so, and not too worried about modifying the design just for that when a knife will do ;)