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Okay, so after sticking the enclosure into Sketchup then putting a model of the Prusa MK2S into the enclosure I noticed something that to me seems like a problem. I moved my Y axis all the way to the rear of the printer then measured how far the wire coming off the back of the bed is from the back face of the Rambo case and I get 6.25" (158.75mm) well according to the model with the Prusa sitting all the way towards the front of the enclosure the back face of the Rambo case is only 4.6" (116.84mm) which is roughly 1.65" (roughly 42mm) short, so that means as the BOM currently states the Y axis extrusions are 490mm long which they should be at least 532mm (rounding up to 535mm) In short, this means the wires coming off the heated bed will run directly into the back panel of the enclosure every time the printer does the self bed leveling operation.

Can you please confirm this? I am about to order all of my extrusions from Misumi. I am so glad I decided to model this project first!