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Thank you for investigating. I don't think MK3 is somewhat larger than MK2. I'm running MK2 for over a year in this enclosure and there is no problem whatsoever. I've printed shorter LCD arms (STL are inside) so printer is closer to front, and I've also set printer on rubber feets, which makes it a bit higher. When front door closes, there is 1-2mm clearance to LCD. In the back position when Y is calibrating, the cables touch the back panel (only last 3-5mm of travel), but not that hard they they would actually put any significant force on the bed or cables themselves, they just bend a little. This is the smallest footprint of enclosure to fit MK2, MK3 in Y direction, while still enough for X direction to be same (it's cheaper to make 12x same length), and the most of sheets can be less or equal 500mm, which makes it much cheaper when buying the acrylics. However, this enclosure can be larger by any size to fit your needs. I will also include this explanation to ChangeLog.txt now :)