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I can understand how raising the printer up above the front extrusion would allow you to bring the printer forward, especially if you change out the lcd bracket arms to push the lcd back towards the printer, but I still don't think you're going to get enough room to prevent the wires in the back from hitting everytime it does a bed calibration. Yes the wires can bend and it only happens during calibration, but by adding only a little more to the Y axis extrusions this can be completely avoided.
Those wires to the bed could be replaced with high quality silicone wires so they flex super easy compared to the wires that it originally came with, but on mine I'm going to simply add a little more length to the enclosure. Through Misumi the cost difference for longer Y axis extrusions is barely even noticeable.
There's no reason to change the X width unless you just want more room.
I should be done with the model tonight, so hopefully I can place the order with Misumi and start building this weekend.
BTW, everything other than the extrusions is way over priced through Misumi USA, but I'm going to try and update your BOM for guys in the USA when I get some time.

What's funny is that this enclosure is almost identical to the printer I have been designing for the last 6 months. I mainly needed your help with the electronics, and now I'm changing that too.

For people looking for a nice enclosure that doesn't have a lot of time or experience to design their own, this will be the way to go.