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This really should move freely the moment you take it off the build plate. You shouldn't even hear a crack when you try to move the parts for the first time. Some things that might be causing parts to become fused:

  • Stringing: can cause connections between the gaps. Try one of the many stringing tests available on Thingiverse, many of them also contain some hints to avoid stringing.
  • Over-extrusion: would need to be pretty severe though, but doing a calibration test would be a good idea nevertheless.
  • Curling up of overhangs: try an overhang test (again, many can be found on this site). You may need a cooling fan to combat this.
  • Poor bed adhesion: if one of the parts detaches from the bed mid-print and is pushed around by the nozzle, the hinge will be messed up and become solid. If necessary, print with a brim or raft to get better adhesion.