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crewolprint3d first i have to thank you for this really.
my lady is losing here right foot. she has charcot syndrome. if i spilled that right . she had surgery. but it not going good. and she knows it.
me lady seen this and liked it so i would like to give this a go for here.

some things i like to know if you do not mind. can this be edited so i can make this fit for here.
and she is losing right foot. i am guessing i can mirror. or does it matter.
i know this is a open source, but atm me lady is welling to try. she already feels like she's losing everything.
i just wont to give her some hope. even if its walking around the house with help.its a start.

i have a cr10. and i am skilled in maya and 3dmax. for over 15 years. but never measure items/props for real live prints. i only had cr10 for a month.

p.s sorry for my english. i am german and english grammar still working on it lol