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More than a year later, I can answer this. :P

I have a Maker Select Plus and, properly leveled I can fill a whole build plate with 9 of these tiles without issue (no brimm or skirt or anything). I had some very minor curling at the edges, which probably has more to do with my build plate being slightly warped.

The last couple prints I've done are the OpenLock tiles, which are split between the bottom and top halves (which have to be glued together) for printing without supports. Nearly filling a build plate, I've been printing 4 tiles at a time in about 5 hours with these settings:

Layer thickness: 0.2mm
Walls: 2
Top/bottom layers: 4
Infill: 15%
Print speed: 90mm/s
Travel speed: 150mm/s

I suspect this could be fine tuned to crank them out faster, but this is a pretty good rate to have a solid set in just a few weeks.