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Actually I do. And those properties are on the list (among many, many others) - if you want to dismiss them that's your choice.
And if you want to stay a true JP beliver than that's also your choice.
And I really love that everyone that's replying REALLY KNOWS what I had mounted on my printer - that's the funniest for me as someone that had no contact with a plastic part from my kit is really really ready to eaven beat me up for saying that mine wasn't ABS, because someone somewhere wrote that they all are ABS. DAMN people - mistakes happen, just look at Prusas forums there's lots and lots of them regarding this printer (from software, through printed parts to other hardware like motors, rods, bearings etc.).
For a simple example even PINDA2 isn't production ready - it's temp correction table in the FW is totally bad (and temp calibration doesn't fix that).