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Hello 7Fish,

Thank you for the great design! Our daughter (11- it’s her printer) loves it and we’ve started to print ours… see attached. We are printing it on a NEW MATTER, Mod-t printer and it has some limitations. We are working around those. For better print quality we are doing a 200% scale version.

Lately we experienced a “new” issue” and we can’t seem to figure it out. The spikes are not printing “nice” and it seems they are a “separate piece”, if it makes sense.

We are not expert, so we’ve been asking help. Someone suggested have the files checked in Print Studio. It seems it does find geometrical issue and fixes it. Than we scale and generate G-code file in Cura (recommended by NEW MATTER) to print using the printer’s desktop app/program.

Cura shows the file/model perfect. See attached photos for more detail and the settings we use.

If you have any suggestion we would greatly appreciate it!
Thank you! Karina & Zoltan (daughter and father)