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Great, simple design. I keep a bunch of various small steel ball bearings and the only one out and within reach was an unopened pack of the exact size. Good omen. Anyway, if you're okay with it, I'd like to use this mechanism for a new attachment for a system I designed which allows people with very limited hand strength to perform most all of the tasks that normally require strength to apply force, some level of dexterity, and the use of fingers. Its a band that goes around the middle of the hand and then there are custom attachments to hold onto various objects so they cant be dropped plus a variety of specific shapes which serve to apply all of the types of force that a normal hand could do without any position or muscular interaction. With your design here, I can attach a screwdriver head so that people using the system can screw and unscrew things with a repeatable single direction of motion.

I give away all of the designs and parts of this system for free at a rate of 30-50 sets monthly depending on how successful print sales went that month. I'll never charge a dime to anyone for this and will make a good faith best effort to provide these assistance prints to anyone who asks for them no matter how many people ask and regardless of my monthly plan or distribution strategy. If there's a reason why you wouldn't want this design used, I'll honor anything you decide and can send you the .STLs to other parts as I develop them prior to putting them up here if you want.