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Yeah, I understand. I don't think it was so much of a scam as the guy who was running it ran into some family issues and then just didn't bother to change his website to stop accepting orders(?). It's a shame because I was lucky enough to get both components when he was still producing Z axis arms and the heated build plate and they work excellently. Rarely have I ever been able to buy a product that solved all of my issues surrounding a device, but those part did just that. I think that he stopped fulfilling orders sometime in August of ... 2015...'16? I too had discovered the same German company and had been thinking of trying their parts like you. I originally found them listed on amazon and it seems that they started selling parts right around the time when BC tech stopped fulfilling orders and all of their reviews on amazon since seemed to be positive so I think that they might be worth a try - Sooner rather than later too because I have a feeling that many companies will stop producing parts for the Makerbot Replicator 2 series because they are becoming quite old now. I even saw that after selling the 2X for many years, even after the launch of the 5th generation printers, that Makerbot is no longer selling, or at least is no longer listing, the 2X for sale on their own website. :/ Please keep me updated on your findings.