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For some levity, I thought I'd pass on my experience printing this on a UV resin printer. :-)

Firstly, the lower part of the sacrificial wall, prior to where the hair started, did not print at all. I'm assuming the peeling forces prevented the layers from detaching until they had the assistance of hairs running in to the middle. In practice, this didn't seem to actually cause problems.

Secondly, I tried softening the plastic with a heat gun, and discovered that the thermoset plastic does not soften when heated, but actually gets more brittle. My poor lion has a giant bald spot overtop of the head, it's quite funny-looking. :-) The hairs that weren't torn off also failed to sculpt in the beautiful regal fashion as the FDM samples on this item.

It was an interesting experiment, but I can absolutely confirm that this model is not suitable for printing on an SLA/DLP printer. :-)