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From what I understand there are two sides to the Chinese glass. One is flat, while the other is almost flat. So, this is what I did: I identified the side which was the flattest by testing the sides and marking one side as bad. Next, with the good side up you need to use it in a North South East, and West kind of way. So if the edge closest to the left is on the left then you should mark that so this side will be on the left forever. Get scientific on that peice of glass and be consistant, never lose track of which end is which and THEN and only then will you have a set up that you will no longer have to adjust constantly.
In some glass manufacturing there is a process that a roller presses down on the glass so it smashes against a flat surface, the side with the roller is the lump side, you need the other side.
And as a side note I shimmed my glass with two or three sheets of aluminum foil squares right in the middle , it is hard to tell how much of the problem was the aluminum bed or the actual glass.