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A lot of flaws in this design (v11). The bearing rubs against the top piece because of how you have the position controlled. Either there should be a printed ridge to jam against the inner sleeve on the top piece or make room for a washer on each side of the bearing. And even with both washers on the truck side, the bearing isn't out far enough from the truck and the replaced side of the truck is closer to the 8020.

It doesn't take the adjustment away! I ended up F***ing with the more than when I pulled it out of the box. There is almost no clearance between the sides of your adapter and the 8020 so the target adjustment range is smaller the the as designed one. The bearing should stick out towards the 8020 by at least another 1mm. But even then you still have to make adjustments! I have no idea why you choose the fixed side instead of the eccentric side to replace.

I apologize if I come of as grumpy, but I just spent the last half hour dicking around with the adjustments that only took me 5 minutes with the original design. I opted out of designing my own cause I thought it would be faster; regretting that choice. Hopefully your new mod for the trucks corrects these issues.

Also the top piece needs support in the captive nut otherwise you get stringers that you have to clean out of the hole. Rather than have a sharp 90 ledge, add 10-20 degrees so that it can print clean without needing support.