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I have published my version of the older code with 2D scale, morph and other additions. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2845013

I have looked at the new version, it is quite beyond me without loads of unpicking, and I don't think I'll be hacking on it or backporting these changes to it, at least not anytime soon. It is a completely different algorithm and focused on twisting the shape as it extrudes which is not something I've needed to do.

The only rotation settings I have use for myself are the option of keeping the shape normal to the path, or not rotating it at all. Although I'd like a setting that makes the start shape normal to the path and then extrudes without further rotation.

Both new and old versions still give me errors on render (F6) when using newer versions of CGAL (ie newer versions of openscad) anyone else have this?

Extrude Along Path Remix with 2D scale and morph