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Hi 7Fish, just finished my print: https://www.thingiverse.com/make:474231

A few things I can say about it...
First, 100% scale is really bad when you get to the smaller joints, they don't rotate, just break if you dare to arrange their position. Maybe if I used PET instead of PLA it would be more resistant.
Second, I ended up using the built-in supports version, because they gave overall better support on the smaller pieces, but unfortunately the larger tail sections got too fused to them, and removing them left marks, but still better than the built in supports of my slicer. Very thin, equally spaced supports for all would be the best, I guess.
Third and most important, having to sand every ball joint is a very unpleasant task. You could incorporate the change in your design, and shave off the top and bottom of the joints. Moreover, maybe the ball and socket could be a tiny bit less tight, like 0.5% or 1% more space, if that could be the difference to a more "print-and-snap" experience, while still remaining a solid and functional joint.

You designs are all sick awesome! Maybe I should print more of them later. Thanks a lot!

Sea Serpent
by lfs83