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I had never noticed that a wet ocarina sounds different. I might have to go play with that.

If you use Blender 3D, I can try uploading the original file and see if that helps. Pinshape wouldn't let me but I hadn't tested uploading that here, and it occurs to me I've seen other non-printer friendly file types here.

Here's my settings, in case it helps. I use MatterControl as a slicer.
0.2 Layer Height
3 Perimeters
1.8mm Top Solid
1.6mm Bottom Solid (Huh, thought these two were flipped)

10% infill, Lines style. Starting angle is 45º, pretty sure I changed that ages ago for a specific print and forgot about it. Infill overlap is .06mm.

Infill speed: 60mm/s
Top Solid Infill: 45mm/s
Inside Perimeter: 50mm/s
Outside Perimeter: 40mm/s
Non-Print Travel 150mm/s

Brim of 3-6 loops for adhesion of some of the thinner supports.

Printing temperature 205º (I use this for all the PLA filaments I've tried: Robo 3D, 3D Solutech, Makergeeks, Hatchbox 3D, and IXCC)
55º-60º bed temperature depending on whether or not I'm cold and convince myself that it'll warm up the room a little.