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Our print settings are not far off from each other. I'm using Cura and have tried a bunch of different settings. Haven't played too much with my temps. My PETG print was a bust, but PLA's been great. I slowed down my infill print speed and still have the same, missing the highest note.

I also printed two upright and they have the same - even though one had a hole layer get caught due to a snag on the spool. A quick bit of silicone fixed it right up, but still missing the high note. There's a different aesthetic between the vertical and horizontal prints.

If you have the Blender file that would be great to look at. I do most of my edits in TinkerCAD, Fusion360, or Meshmixer. When I compared the v13 and v17 files by overlaying them onto each other I didn't notice anything that really stood out. Maybe a change on one side of the voice window.