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I have several questions regarding the non-commerical license. Let's say I print an object, that is of my own design with the help of this bowden carriage. The object that I have printed, will be sold for my profit gain. Will I violate the rule?

Second scenario is, if I print parts for my homemade CNC machine, again, with the help of this carriage. And then, with the CNC I'll be making stuff for my business. Same question, will I violate the rule?

Lastly, if the two questions above lead to a no, I'll have to print another carriage that is not NC. The thing is I'll be printing the new one with the current carriage (which is this one) since the initial hotend (the one that come with the Anet package) is already in a bad shape.

Sorry if my question sounded silly, I'm planning to make a small manufacturing business in which I'll be making patterns for metal casting.