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Thanks mate. Wigh respect to the printing with supports, you're right that it's different than printing with hard filaments. Truth is, though, that I prefer the removal of soft more that I do hard materials. One thing to remember is that the support (should be) printed as one continuous line while they form the structure. I usually take a small pliers and squeeze all of the lines of support in order to release it from the product. Once I do that I usually squeeze and warp the model ( if possible) to further loosen it. Them I grab one end (it's important to orient your support angle so that the support structure aren't facing with the walls facing you. The curved parts should be facing you) and I pull with a needle nose pliers and pull until I get at least one out then I begin to pull, sometimes twisting it around the tool like spaghetti on a fork, and it usually comes out as one long strip of support.even if it bursts it's usually easy to pick up where you left off. In short orientation is extremely important and check your distance from surface options in your slicer support options. I truly hope this helps you in some way. :)

And don't be afraid to get rough. Ninjaflex is tough material