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I'm having some thoughts about organizing 3D Builders to come together and make as many of these as we can to help the less fortunate. The people who can't afford a "real" prosthetic leg. If anyone has any ideas or contacts that can help me with this I'd be grateful. What country or state would benefit most from this...? Who will take them? These are all questions I want to have answered before moving forward. I'd even like to take it one step further and supply the hardware. Set it up so people just send in the printed parts and the proper hardware can be added on. It's not realistic to ask people to obtain titanium hardware, their doing enough and that's good on them. I feel the 3D printing community can make a difference here. Any thoughts or if you'd like to get involved please add a comment. Thank you, James
P.S. I saw that a prosthetic leg starts at $5,000 and goes up up up from there. We can do some good, stand by for details. thank you