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Is there any way to disable the tune that plays when the heaters have reached their target temperature? After a long search I found a comment within this very page that states: “Mid 7.7 added a feature to beep when the printer reaches its target temp.” This explains why my printer (FF Creator Pro) didn't play this song before I upgraded the firmware about a year ago. I much preferred it the way it was, but I don't want to go back to that old firmware because it had problems and lacks some features. Since then, this tune has been steadily annoying me to the point that I want to get rid of it. I don't want to disable the buzzer entirely, I just don't want the printer to beep during prints unless something really important happens.

The tune doesn't offer any useful information, because I can also see from the LED colors and LCD display whether the printer is in heating mode or not. What makes it worse is that at random moments, the printer will re-enter heating mode for just a second, before realizing everything is still at the correct temperature, and then it plays the tune again. Worst are dual extrusion prints, because the extruder temperatures are changed on purpose with each tool change to reduce oozing. On a small print, this makes the printer beep every minute.

I might already know the answer to what I'm going to ask, but maybe I overlooked something, so here goes: is there no other way to disable only this specific tune, besides recompiling Sailfish with that specific Piezo::playTune line commented out? There is a section ‘BUZZ_SETTINGS’ in the EEPROM. It appears that only one bit of the entire 12 bytes reserved for it, is actually used to toggle the buzzer on or off. It would be nice if at least one other bit could be used to toggle this tune-on-heated feature.