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First attempt, everything printed and assembled amazingly well with the exception of the main body. Main body took 2.5 days to print with the recommended parameters and warped in the corners but still assembled ok. I was finally able to get S3D to print it without blocking off the main coin compartment and now printing the second body (slightly remixed larger security slots, since the originals are impossibly tight) and it's estimated to only take 13 hours this time. I'm half way in and the corners are starting to slightly warp again. We'll see how they end up. I'm hoping with the much shorter print time it will minimize the warping but is anyone else having this issue? Do I need to add a massive brim to this thing (or worse, a raft) to get it to stick to the bed for that many hours and still print flat? I know that theoretically PLA does not require a heated bed but I'm chalking that up to myth at this point. :)