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After over 300 h printing using your mods. i am using you spool holder the top one using bearings - amazing. You x carriage mount with chain - amazing. Your aero mount - this is the most impressive by far as all come together to perfection. i would love to see other mods out there as perfect as yours are.

Only one small comment. the cooling duct - its not cooling properly overhangs - a fang design will work better - a double fang one or something similar that can blow air from two sides. if you will be able to design something that will work with your modular design even willing to tip :). seriously with your mods the printer becomes really impressive only this issue with cooling like "bellow the printing area". i even did a water test to see how current one works. it creating a perfect circle but doesn't blow "below nozzle" and close to it - now the "blow area" decreases in power as the air goes nearer to the nozzle. From what i can see you are a very good designer and a fang (maybe even remaking of something that is out there) will not take you to much time. thank you for all the great designs you have created till now.