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My nozzle drags on the infill while printing, doesn't seem to get worse later in the print, maybe a tiny bit but that might just be because more infill is there. I have tried reducing extrusion but then I had gaps. It has always done this since I got it, so I doubt it's a setting I screwed with while tinkering in cura.

I think this might be related to the issue I have where closed layers (including first layer) tend to get raised areas where the head changes direction (see attached image)

-Bed leveled, many times, using the paper method, feeler gauges, cardstock (my smallest feeler gauge is 0.127mm, which I have found to be too thick, causes adhesion issues)
-All axes steps calibrated using 20mm cubes
-Extruder calibrated
-Z hop on (0.5mm)
-Coast does not help
-Avoid printed parts on
-Retraction settings seem good (minimal stringing)
-Stock firmware
-Using cura
-Print surface has been removed due to bubbles and I am now printing on glass and tape, this made no difference in infill drag but reduced failed prints

Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any help