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This is spectacular. You should be very proud. I'm trying to form a non-profit type of community focused group that can be replicated in other communities by following a simple plan. I've found every possible way to get going and maintain stable services for as little money as possible. I've done a lot of small campaigns and am starting on big, targeted assistance programs based around advantages of 3D printing.

I've been using a small farm of i3 v2s with a Rostock Max for longer object while I work on adapting the hypercube design to maximize print volume in less space. I'll probably continue on with shared-frame (side-by-side or top-and-bottom), but your design here is something else. The best way I've discovered so far to provide the greatest benefit to the most people is to target a specific population of people to understand their needs and develop print designs through interaction with groups of people in similar circumstances and building a printing/production format around the single advantage of 3D printing that benefits their group. For example, my first campaign dealt with elderly people who have difficulty with weak or unstable hands. The best way to benefit them was a band worn around their hand that is simple on the back of the hand but shaped to fill the recessed area in the center of the palm and tracked down the crease outlining the base muscle of the thumb to the middle of the wrist. This printed item allowed them to tuck tableware, pens, and similar things in so they wouldn't get dropped, but it also had a series of attachable pieces which would help open doorknobs and jars, or one that held a one way ratchet gear and took standard screwdriver hex bits- the one way gear eliminated the need for fingers to twist and you'd flip the tool over to go the other direction. There was even one which could hold a hand of cards either spaced out to be picked up or held against the table while lifting a corner for poker. The trick on this job was producing the base print for all residents but then deciding on a mix of attachments by observation of which ones got the most use or else could be needed by people at the same time. I'm nervous that I over-reached. I hope to come up with a standard kit of objects for kids with autism to use in therapy. The objects will be from the same file, but each kit will need different custom tweaks to avoid triggers.

After a project is done, the products remain available on request and I plan to market additional, more specialized prints to doctors, care facilities, and/or therapists to keep the door open. There is one group that is dear to me- wounded vets. I'm one myself, though its half of my liver missing instead of a limb. I've been tinkering with prosthetic designs and other things tailored to the disabilities of individual veterans. Regardless of what material you use- even the Taulman nylon I use for heavy duty pieces- can overcome the most frustrating point of failure, which is where pieces join together for no purpose other than print bed size limitations. Joints and points of articulation can be secured without trouble- it's the damn seams that get you. I got here from youtube and the first thing I saw after reading the 1200mm stat was a complete, shoulder to elbow or knee to ankle printed limb in one seamless piece. So, not only will this be the "impress the guests" centerpiece of the workshop, but it'll turn out the big parts of some of the most badass DIY limbs you can dream up. The only thing missing then will be a big enough electroplating tank for the matching nickel plated 1911 sidearm and lower leg that'll be first! Great work, man.

Functionally, do you have an approximate cost for the parts without cutting big corners? Also, I've been looking recently at the GR5 titanium and wrapped carbon fiber parts you can get on Banggood recently. Titanium is 30% ligher than stainless, has higher rigidity/tensile strength (except for torque) and much better thermal properties. Carbon fiber is just feather light and doesn't bend. Are there any areas you can think of where these properties would make a noticeable difference?