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Started yesterday at 4am, at 11.30 am the screw came loose and print went bad, I had to pause the print and took out the screw by just
unscrewing. after resuming the print, it started to finish the rod where the screw goes into, also with minor errors. now continuing the
print and hope that it will finish after all these problems. I will print the screw after the jack is finished. I think that the infill needs to be
beefed up because I read that more screws just break off at the same point or sooner (mine did at the end of the screw)
I set the printer at 15% infill printer is monoprice mini v2 with good filament. I think that if I print this again, the infill will be 30% or more.
It's a very nice object, Is there a possibility to print individual parts for this besides the screws? hope all goes well!