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eMoon … Oh no, I would hate to give that impression! I am so sorry! I thought JKSniper made this and I was talking to him? But the description was asking for donations, and not payments. Everything else on thingiverse is free, and I'm not a manufacturer to commercialize it. Sorry, I just got my printer and am new to all of this - I thought that was requiring a donation for a commercial license. I misread it sorry.

I just wanted to see what the parts were before I go too far down the road. Not to worry though, I've been able to figure a lot out just looking at the pictures and put in a lot of time learning about "3030" and how to connect it. That was a lot to learn, but the kind people at 8020.net were SUPER helpful in explaining most of it once they saw the pictures. They knew exactly what I was after :)

Really sorry for the misunderstanding, and thanks for asking about my intentions and not making assumptions! Soon I will have enough to post a link for other people like me to get a good idea what kind of parts are needed so nobody has to make the same mistake as me... I am really happy that I will have a chance to give back everyone else!

JKSniper ... great project. Hopefully soon I will be making one too! Thanks for sharing it. ;)