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I used Zaxe X1 3D printer to print the MacBook Pro stand for my 2015 model 13" Retina MB. Since the Zaxe X1's printing bed is 20x20, I have changed the size by using the Zaxe Desktop software. I shrink the width to 19,5cm and the software adjusted the other dimensions automatically. My 13" MacBook Pro fits perfectly with the skin. I used red Zaxe PLA flament. It took 11 hours to finish. I wanted Zaxe Desktop software to add supports but after a while I realized that I could print it without support but it was late. (Actually, I felt a bit regretful after I see that supports created some mass under the tip of the curve). Anyway, it is a very useful material and helped me to gain lots of space on my desk. Thanks to dmpmassive.