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For easy to get items I order at conrad, ebay, amazon.
other stuff I get at digikey
For small things like those resistors it's ok for me to order them at work at
digikey, rs components, farnell, mouser or distrelec

But I decided to try adjusting the potis first before ordering.

I just opened up my printer and measured the voltages at the pins you figured out.
Y has around 1V whereas all other axes have somewhere around 0,85V.

What values do you have. Had any luck adjusting them?
When I turn the poti the value increases up to 1,6V. After that it jumps straight to 3,3V and than back to 0.
The poti seems to have no stopper (at least I hope so ;D)
I think I try a test print after dinner with all motors set to 1,2 - 1,3V.