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Thanks for your questions and sorry for a bit late reply.
-> Well yeah, since this enclosure if fully customizable, you can simply add +10 or +20cm in height of printer room to allow more clearance for MMU 2.0. and that's it. That just means you need to buy a bit longer vertical extrusions and a bit taller side panels. Everything else stay the same. It can be made bigger/smaller in any dimension.
-> I'm begging and working and providing all informations for Portuguese company that will - I HOPE - provide parts kit (aluminium mechanical parts) internationally. Can't be sure when, but I'm very positive they will do it soon. It will still be DIY kit, not assembled, but if you can source all pre-machined aluminium framing, it's only panels and electronics for DIY, which can be done in a day if you got everything on the site.