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It's still printing, but I'm loving the design so far. The cups is well designed and the headband....I wasn't expecting it to flex so much. Definitely a technique I'm going to borrow for my designs.

As far as sound quality goes: I stuck in some generic 7$ drivers to experiment with and...it's pretty bad. Way too much sharpness/treble and no bass. Adding a small foam ring to the back of the driver, and filling the outside cavity in the headphones with foam helped quite a bit.

UPDATE: The rotator apparently is the weak spot here (already broke both of them). I believe it's due to the layer orientation, both of them delaminated pretty easily. I think it should be easily fixed by printing the model with the curved face towards the build plate. Obviously removing this curved plate would make printing a lot easier.

Alternatively, printing it on its side would make for the strongest part in terms of delamination, but would require a bit of support under the connection pin.