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It's beautiful, I like the slick design. Of course needs a little improvements.
Below are some recommendations:

  • Side oval holes to be smaller for rigidity. I had to print with 4 perimeters to ensure strength.
  • More tight thread (I know some will complain, but it's currently with very high clearance)
  • The holes for the bearing screw should have the nudge a little less and on both sides. (M4 25mm needed) I put 20mm with no nut, hope it survives
  • Smoother edges for the top printer side. perhaps longer towards the frame with a fillet or draft
  • The Y letter is silly (Just my opinion) Maybe add one with nothing and one with "CR-10" like the X axis one

I appreciate you sharing the solid-part files as well. Thank you for sharing the design and sldprt.