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I am copy-pasting this from one of my previous comments, I hope it helps. You can also check out this Christmas tree, that I made in similar (but simpler) way. I added Fusion360 file, so you can check how it was done step by step. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2008402/files

In theory it is very simple: You make one hair - just long and thin rectangular cuboid. Then you make a pattern (linear, circular, on a curve) and then also a pattern in 3rd dimension (linear, on a curve). Then you just have to cut out hair on the parts where you don't want hair.
In reality it can get a bit complicated. Generating a lot of hair can take a while and basically all operations with hair can take a while to complete. You can also run into different bugs, errors and crashes.
I made this model in Solidworks, You could make it also in Fusion360 or any other CAD program, also might work in Blender.

Christmas tree