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I love this design! I am VERY new to 3D printing & am not (yet) able to use any sort of design software, so these are possibly very "rookie" questions. Is there any way to make this so that you can add another "unit" (e.g. have a more square side, or be able to take a "side" or section off, & "clip" another exact (or modified) unit to the side of it). I would love to use something like this as a single unit, or then be able to expand it as needed, or, to have different sets of them in a couple of different places, each one with different features, or with the ability to expand or revert back to smaller / original size; but with the same co-hesive look /functionality. I can see something like this being very helpful at the front entry for each member of my family, but (of course), each one would probably want a slightly different size / different features. Also, is there a way to make this so that the hooks that are removed to make room for the tray, can later be added to the bottom of the tray (I wouldn't want to loose those ;) ). Thank you for sharing. This is a fantastic idea!