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But, then there is no point to having dual steppers anyway, since it does not combat the tilt introduced in any way? With your design there is no benefit at all to having both motors, in fact only making it worse due to human error. without dual motors, the tilt will self center the axis in one direction. with dual mototors it won't, and in fact would introduce a larger error due to the motors never being quite aligned.

With dual motors on opposite sides, you reduce vibrations and stop there being an increasing tilt which becomes a larger and larger problem the larger and more filled in model you print due to the plate getting heavier. Heck, with dual motors on opposite sides you can in fact still preload a tilt by having that motor be set slightly lower. (would recommend having measurement guides actually, having a sticker or marking on both sides of the build so you know where to level it on machine failure either way)