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Hey ho! Thank you very much for that great designs! I like them really much!

I need to say I like the older design with the cone-adapters more. They really help keeping the side attachments in place. I was modifying the fan attachment with heat and fitted it to my needs because it was colliding with the belt tensioner I have on my printer. I you could maybe use the cone-thingies in the new design that would make it perfect. By the way the new location for the sensor attachment is very good how it is. The old one was a little too high. My sensor was on the top of its thread already not leaving room to correct.

With the new one I had the Issue that the sensor attachment keeps rotating when the screw is no super tight. Also the the fang was a little too long for my Afinibot A5 which is a CR-7 clone. But I have a E3D V6 clone so that might be the problem...

Again thank you very much for your designs! I'll post some pics of the new Design that I printed on a Formlabs resin printer. Those turned out great! Maybe I also have some older pics of the former design. If so I'll post them too.

Keep on makin' dude!

Kind Regards
Mr. Willson